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The following are the Terms and Conditions relating to all orders placed with UnlockSpector.com. Upon ordering from any website operated by or cooperating with UnlockSpector.com you confirm your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


1.1 We offer IMEI GSX iPhone Check services for all iPhone models.  A detailed report is being sent to our customers e-mail with verified and tested solutions for their devices (If applicable).
1.2 Our services start after the verification of the payment.
1.3 Suggested/Recommended solution are not included to our fee. Those are extra services that must be paid from the customer.
1.4 We do not offer iPhone, Network or iCloud Unlock services.
1.5 We offer SIM-Lock removal request services through an iPhone’s Lock Network (Not Official IMEI Unlock services).


2.1 Due to the nature of our services, it is not possible for customers to cancel the service once the payment has been received/verified and the IMEI Check report has been sent to customer’s e-mail address (Due to Virtual Service rules).


3.1 All of the services offered on this website are entirely legal in Europe and North America. If you are ordering from outside of these two continents, please check your local jurisdiction before ordering.


4.1 It is assumed that the customer has read the information on the website and they were accepted.


5.1 It is the customers responsibility to check the compatibility of their handset with our services (Example: Request for an IMEI Check for an Android device. We only offer IMEI Check services for iDevices – Apple products).
5.2 It is the customers responsibility to provide their correct IMEI Number of their iPhone.
5.3 It is the customers responsibility to choose the correct service
5.4 It is the customers responsibility to understand the nature and the purpose of our services


6.1 All prices and delivery times are as quoted.
6.2 These delivery times are variable and can decrease as well as increase without notice.


All of the products on our websites are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We provide such a guarantee to give honest customers the reassurance that the product they are ordering will be delivered in good faith and will be fit for purpose. In order to protect the legitimacy of this guarantee for all parties concerned, the guarantee itself is subject to the following terms:
7.1 Guarantee does not apply when the customer provides a wrong IMEI number.
7.2 Guarantee does not apply when the customer requests for a refund AFTER the IMEI Check report has been delivered to his/her e-mail account.
7.3 Guarantee does not apply when our response time is not within our timeframe (During the Weekends).
7.4 Guarantee does not apply when a customer requests a SIM-Lock removal service but the iPhone is already Network Unlocked.
7.5 Guarantee does not apply when a customer requests a SIM-Lock removal service but the Mobile Network rejects that request. We are not responsible for any Carrier’s reply.


8.1 We will always endeavor to take reasonable care to ensure that all of your personal details provided to us are stored securely using standard industry practices.
8.2 Your personal details will only ever be kept for the purposes of processing your order(s).
8.3 We will never pass any of your details on to a 3rd party without your prior consent.
8.4 We do not store customer payment card details, these are passed directly to our payment provider(s) for the purposes of payment only.
8.5 You can ask for your details to be completely removed from our database at anytime.
8.6 Your e-mail & IMEI number will be used for our E-Mail Marketing ONLY after you pay for one of our services.
8.7 All our forms include a link to our Privacy Policy & it is required to activate our CheckBox in order to proceed with a payment.
8.8 We include an One Click Unsubscription link to EVERY message that we will send to you, so you can easily and quickly unsubscribe from our Newsletters/Broadcasts/Autoresponders.


9.1 We will not tolerate any attempts to obtain our services by fraudulent means. We report all such attempts to defraud our company to the relevant credit reference agencies and authorities.
9.2 To combat fraud, we are obliged to log the IP addresses of customer computers at each and every stage of the buying and delivery process.
9.3 Any attempts to defraud our company are passed on to our dedicated Debt Collection and Fraud Department. We already work closely with PayPal, Nochex, Dalpay, Google, Internet Service Providers. Law Courts and a variety of Global Debt Recovery agents worldwide to successfully prove that our services have been digitally delivered in cases of fraud or mis-claims of ‘non-receipt’. We are able to successfully recover monies in cases where payment has been reversed or charged back.
9.4 In cases where we feel confident that a customer is attempting to defraud our company, in addition to recovering funds we will also forward an invoice for a demand for payment including a 100 EUR administration fee which will be applied to the invoice. Customer will be allowed a 30 day grace period within which to pay the invoice after which time, a further administration fee of 50 EUR per month will be levied against the debt and interest (charged at 8% per annum / 0.6% per month) will be applied to the full upstanding amount. If the invoice remains unpaid after 90 days, we will seek recovery via the law courts and our debt collection agents.
9.5 In case of any chargeback, the associated IMEI will be blacklisted in the iTunes database, preventing it from working on all networks worldwide. This is PERMANENT.
9.6 Defamation of our website on the internet, including but not limited to Review Websites, Blogs, will incur a 3,000.00 EUR defamation charge. This will be applied to your credit file if not paid in full within 30 days. If the offending material is removed, this charge will be annulled.


10.1 We reserve the right to terminate the order of any customer who demonstrates any form of verbal abuse or aggression towards any member of our staff either verbally or in writing. All communication will be terminated with such customers and all correspondence forwarded to our legal department. Any such customer would also forfeit their right to a refund in this instance.


11.1 By becoming an affiliate of UnlockSpector.com you also agree to not promote other iPhone IMEI GSX Check services.
11.2 Payments are made every week to a PayPal account of your choosing.