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Hey iPhone User,

i know your situation: You have an iPhone lying around – maybe you got it from a friend, on Ebay or somewhere else. And it turns out, your iPhone is locked.

What is a locked iPhone?

A locked iPhone is like having a car without gas in it. You can honk and play with the radio, but you cannot drive.

In short: The iPhone is limited to only a specific Carrier Network. In the USA, this is usually Sprint or AT&T.

In other parts of the country, it could be Softbank or T-Mobile.

What’s important is that you cannot use that iPhone with any other network.

Why is that annoying?

Well, imagine you want to travel and want to use a local SIM Card to save money. Or you find a cheaper network and want to move. Or or or.. there are 1000s of reasons.

Plus, the value of an unlocked iPhone is usually 30-40% higher than a locked one. Who would like to buy a locked iPhone, except you, right? 🙂

So, an unlocked iPhone is GOOOOD and the whole purpose of UnlockSpector is to help you unlock it easily and risk-free.

Now, there are many problems that could come up. I don’t want to get into details and bore you, but real short:

1 ) Is your iPhone really locked? A real-time GSX check helps find this out.

2 ) If it is, which network or carrier and from which country is locking it? You need this information in order to unlock it.

3 ) Could it be blacklisted? There are plenty of reasons, for example it was stolen or lost, in-contract and unpaid dues and many other reasons.

If your iPhone is blacklisted, your iPhone can be unlocked very difficult.

Also, there are DIFFERENT unlocks for different iPhone models.


You could:

  • browse the whole internet and find the answer to your specific situation
  • call your family, friends and chat to random people to find out how you can unlock it
  • call 12 different network providers and ask if your iPhone is unlocked
  • Make an order with 7 iPhone unlock providers and find out which one is reliable and not scam
  • Wait weeks, get an email that your iPhone is blacklisted and your payment is not refundable
  • and throw the iPhone against the wall because you cannot use it


Purchase the UnlockSpector IMEI Check Report

  • 1 ) You give us your IMEI number.
    • The IMEI number is a 15 digit “serial number” of your iPhone. Through that, we are able to fetch all available data from the GSX servers ( only official iPhone resellers have access to it )
  • 2 ) We check your iPhone
    • We first check in real time if your iPhone is really locked or unlocked
    • We then check which network carrier and country is locking it
    • We then check the model and other relevant information for the iPhone unlock
    • We then check 12 global blacklist database to make sure your iPhone is not stolen or blacklisted
    • We contact network providers and make sure they haven’t put your iPhone is other blacklist databases
    • We then check which Unlock provider has the cheapest unlock options for you
    • We only select reliable and success-provide providers
    • If your iPhone is able to be unlocked for free, we will request it for you, so you dont even need to order anything else
    • We follow up and make sure your iPhone really gets unlocked
    • Once it is, we will help you restore it with iTunes, and close your case once you confirm you are happy

Along the way, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are unhappy at any time, just send us an email and we will refund your money back. Check our reviews if you are unsure about our claim.

Price: only 14,95 USD one time

Paid easily with PayPal ( If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay also through Credit card like VISA oder MasterCard )