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About UnlockSpector

We are an iPhone IMEI Check service provider. Our services help iPhone users to uncover all the hidden issues about their iPhone. We want to recruit affiliates to help us take UnlockSpector to the next level.

As our affiliate member, you stand to earn as much as $5 for each verified sale you direct to our services. Stay with us for long, and you can benefit from higher commission rates.

Our Lucrative Offer

  • Affiliates can request payouts once the commissions made reaches 50USD and over. We make payments to your PayPal, Payoneer or European bank account.
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  • While we would like to accept everyone into our affiliate program, we review and assess your eligibility. You should have a website/blog with a decent audience who are interested in our checking/unlocking services.

Why Should you Become Our Affiliate?

If you love Apple products and have a blog or website dedicated to iDevices, then this would be a great way for you to make some money on the side.

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  • We make sure that we deliver nothing short of exemplary service, and our customers always come first. We will look after anyone you refer to us.
  • We aim to deliver an instant iPhone IMEI check service that enables iPhone users to find out every hidden issue about their iPhone. We also offer reliable unlocking recommendations.
  • You benefit from a recurring revenue source if the referrals you bring become our customers. You earn a commission from every sale we make through your referral.

How you Can Promote Our Services?

We would like to get you set up and started with promoting UnlockSpector and earning from it in the shortest time possible. Here is how to go about it:

  • Once you officially become our affiliate, put our banners and links leading to our services on your site.
  • Include a custom affiliate link promoting our services in newsletters or emails you send to your audience.
  • Review our service and post an article about it on your website/blog with backlinks leading to our services.
  • Interview the UnlockSpector founder for an exclusive guest post for your site/blog.
  • Create a webinar and get UnlockSpector founder or Manager on board. Send a request through our Contact Us page.

Our ultimate aim is helping as many iPhone users as possible to solve the issues they have with their iDevices. We welcome your ideas on other ways we can promote our services.

Our Affiliate Selection Process

Unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone into our affiliate program. Get started by filling out the affiliate form below by clicking on the “sign up to become an affiliate” link.

We will look through your application, and based on your site, we will determine if it is a good fit.

If approved to become our affiliate, you will receive an email with full details about our affiliate program.



We will only respond to follow-up emails from successful applicants, but you can always contact us for further feedback.