Games/Apps iPhone users Service

Subscription for Games/Apps iPhone users ($29,95 – And get the 30% back as an iTunes gift card!):

Customize the Games/Apps Subscription based on YOUR needs!

You get to pick WHAT Games/Apps to review, what Apps setups/configurations to send you and what eBooks are interesting for you!

For Games/Apps iPhone Users:
  • Price: $10.00
  • Price: $19.95
  • Games/Apps Tutorials:

    Please type 4 Apps/Games that you want to receive a full tutorial within the first 2 months of your subscription.
  • App Setups/Configuration

    Pick the specific setup/configuration that bests matches your situation for the first month and then the one that you want to know for the second month.
  • Our eBooks:

    You can pick 1 eBook topic per month (We are very proud of them!)
  • Where to send you our goods??
  • $0.00