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$29.95 per iPhone

Quick & Easy IMEI Check

  • Unsure? Dial *#06# or go to Settings -> General -> Info
  • Unlock Guarantee:
    If we cannot offer an unlock solution after an IMEI Check we will fully refund your payment
  • Price: $29.95
  • Price: $0.00
    Most reports are being processed within a few minutes. Please allow us 24-48 hours during weekends and 12 hours during non-working hours.
  • Price: $0.00
    Based on your IMEI Check report, we will suggest you a guaranteed and verified service from an iPhone Unlock provider.

All you need is the IMEI number of an iPhone

Here are two simple ways to get the IMEI of your iPhone:

Open Phone App
Get your IMEI
Dial *#06#
Get your IMEI
Get your IMEI
Unlock Spector
Unlock Spector
Unlock Spector
Check my iPhone!
$29.95 per iPhone

Uncover hidden iPhone problems

Quickly find out if an iPhone is locked, lost, stolen, blacklisted, in-contract or has
any other hidden problem.


Initial Sim-lock Carrier or Network Check
SIM Lock Status Check

Check in real-time if your iPhone is currently locked or unlocked.

Current Lock Status
Initial Lock Network Check

Find out which Network / Carrier is locking your iPhone.

Global Blacklist / Stolen Check
Global Blacklist & Stolen Check

Check if your iPhone is blacklisted, reported as lost or stolen.

iCloud Activation Lock
iCloud Activation Lock Check

Check if your iPhone is locked through iCloud's "Find my iPhone"

Device Replacement Check
Apple Replacement Check

Check if your iPhone was refurbished and has a replaced IMEI

Hardware Warranty Status
Warranty Status Check

Check if your iPhone is eligible for AppleCare support

It’s so easy, even your grandma could do it!

Get Your IMEI
Get your IMEI
Simply Dial *#06# in the phone app or go to Settings -> General -> Info
Get Your IMEI
Pay through PayPal
Secure & simple payment - even if you don't have a PayPal account
Get Your IMEI
Receive your IMEI Report
Find out what's locking your iPhone, and the cheapest unlocking option
Check my iPhone!
$29.95 per iPhone

Your iPhone Unlocking Dashboard


Our system uses private and public databases from over 10 sources!
Global Blacklist / Stolen Check

SIM Lock data ( like the Initial Lock Network ) comes straight from Apple’s Global Service Exchange ( GSX ) servers!

Global Blacklist / Stolen Check

Stolen & lost iPhone data comes from over 25 global network providers ( Over 1.335.619 blacklisted devices indexed )

Global Blacklist / Stolen Check

With all these data, nothing can go wrong when trying to unlock your iPhone!

Unlock iPhone
Unlock Specialists available 24/7

Prevent buying a locked or lost iPhone: Use UnlockSpector if you want to buy a second-hand iPhone. Quickly check the IMEI status and make sure it is not locked, lost or stolen. And if it is: Get help from experts who can advise you with even the most difficult cases. Unblacklist services, iCloud owner information and much more. Remove the SIM-Lock of your iPhone! We help to get your iPhone unlocked with a permanent IMEI Factory Unlock! Use your iPhone with any ANY provider, increase its resale value and save money using prepaid cards - specifically when travelling abroad.

Unlock iPhone
With a 100% guarantee to Unlock!

We check FIRST before selling you an Unlock. And if we check your iPhone and give you a specific recommendation on how to get it unlocked, we can give a 100% guarantee that it will work. Or your money back. Our unique IMEI Checker provides accurate and verified recommendations for your specific iPhone model, iOS version and Mobile Network and our premium customer support is always available to help you with any issues that could come up unlocking your iPhone.

SiteJabber Review

Best Customer Support!

  • Saved me 100s of dollars

    I was about to buy an iPhone from eBay and thought to do a IMEI Check. Turns out it was locked AND STOLEN. Thanks for saving me time, money and headache!

    Five Star
    - iPhone 5s from UK, Three
    Real Unlocking Expert!!

    "I can't believe how super fast these guys respond to emails. I had a question to my report and within minutes, Zisis gave me a hand to get my iPhone unlocked."

    Five Star
    - iPhone 5 from USA, Sprint
Check my iPhone!
$29.95 per iPhone
UnlockSpector: Unlocking, the easy way!

UnlockSpector is your reliable and easy unlock inspection to get ANY iPhone unlocked permanently. By performing a real time IMEI Network and Blacklist Check first, we make sure that there are no hidden problems when unlocking your iPhone. That is how we can give a 100% guarantee that things will work - or your money back! UnlockSpector is making iPhone Unlocking easy, secure and risk-free. Check your IMEI now with UnlockSpector!

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